About Me

When I heard the call of my heart, along with a vibration of my soul, I chose to answer. It meant leaving comfort and security for truth and elevation – not only for myself but for others. And so, my journey began.
After a successful career as a law librarian, working with attorneys in the public and private arena and then continuing to educate small businesses in social media, I reflected on the call, vibration, and truth that I could no longer ignore.
In 2016, I took a six-month personal and spiritual sabbatical in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. There, I met many more of the “Good Vibe Tribe” and began to explore new ways of BEing in the world. I connected with shamans and teachers, experienced ancestral ceremonies and journeys, immersed myself in the energies of the Yucatan peninsula.Β  I learned what I always knew – that I wanted to assist others in finding information about following their own spiritual path.

The life-changing experience in Mexico nurtured the growth of additional branches on the tree of my life that connected my background as a librarian and my love for learning and sharing knowledge with an expanded way of seeing the world and helping others expand how they see the world.
Now, I am using my knowledge to create meaningful experiences that are intended to enrich, empower and enlighten. I continue to journey internally and externally, along with those who entrust me to serve as a guide. Through my work as The Viberarian, I deliver information and services with the intent to Elevate, Enlighten, and Empower!

I created The Viberary as a repository, like a library, for all things Good Vibe Tribe related. We’re all riding a wave of energy, a vibe. The vibe we chose to ride dictates the experiences we have in this physical plane. I would be honored to help guide you in choosing your vibe for living fabulously! Through podcasts, blog posts, interactive Facebook/YouTube Live sessions, one-on-one readings, retreats and live speaking engagements, I am embodying my mission every day. I anchor the frequency of love and light as a way of living my truth.

If you feel a call within and would like to explore where your Soul is leading you, please contact me. Let’s Vibe and see what amazing and transformative shifts are ahead on your journey!