Street Art and the New Consciousness

One of the (many) things that I love about Playa del Carmen is the vibrant street art! Although it is easy to stumble upon paintings as you stroll through the tourist area, there are some areas where several different artists have created miniature “galleries”.  It is quite interesting to see the various symbols and visions that the artists bring to life.  These images are from a collection at the intersection of Calle 42 & 5th Ave.

The first image that caught my eye was the painting of an ocean deity, in masculine presentation. Poseidon, Zeus and Triton are a few names that came to mind as I considered the energy. I love the ocean, so I knew I had to capture the piece. As I stopped to take my pic, I was drawn to the adjacent image on the same building. It was feminine energy and full of small elements that shaped the overall work.

I find it interesting that the “third eye” or higher conscious awareness seems to be a recurring theme in the street art here. There are eyes everywhere…blooming in flowers, emerging from clouds, and inside of bodies. Many of the  figures appear to be both ancient or tribal and futuristic or alien.


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